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LOSA 2nd Anniversary Speech By Prince Ochuko Jude Ejohwomu (LOSA President).

sequel to the official proclamation vide an executive order issued sometimes in June 2016 declaring June 19 as LOSA DAY, we want to once again on behalf of all organs of this noble association of ours Congratulate every member of Lydia Schools Old Students Association on this second anniversary commemoration of the official registration of Lydia Schools Old Students Association as a legal entity recognised by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.
The journey so far has been with its attendant high and low moments but in all fairness it has been worth all the sacrifices made by each of you individually and collectively by us all. I salute each and every one of us for our resilience and unflinching dedication to the ideals of this movement - being greatertogether.
Our gratitude as usual will first and foremost go to God Almighty for sustaining us through his never ending grace and mercies. The proprietors, management and staff of our Alma matter have also been exceptional in their support towards LOSA as a body but most importantly the biggest support so far has been the level of followership and support we have enjoyed from all of you thus far. Today's event for us at the helm of affairs accords us another opportunity to once again issue a statement pertaining to our responsibilities as your representatives
bearing in mind that this will be the last anniversary speech from the pioneering executive council members.
Upon our inauguration in December 2015, we came in at a period in time where the young association was bedvilled by various divisive tendencies fanned majorly by the fall out of the electoral process. This did not in any way deter us because our commitment was total and premised on the mantra of #GREATERTOGETHER.
Collectively we have been able to weather the storm by establishing a sound foundation we all are proud of. It was as a result of this that AMBATANA was chosen as our mascot for LOSA@1 celebrations and also for LOSA@2 celebrations. Remember AMBATANA is a Swahili word for Unity therefore this year we are still celebrating our Unity in diversity because of the divergent but unified views we all share as an association.
While we make bold to say a two year baby is still a toddler, at LOSA much has been achieved within this two year period and notably milestones achieved after the LOSA@1 celebrations last year include:

    The establishment of an operational and functional zone in Abuja christened AsoLOSA....Read More
    The procurement and installation of magic boards to aid our Alma Matter in delivering quality education to the students of Lydia Group of Schools at Dumez Road.
    Preliminary works at the office accommodation secured for the national secretariat within the school premises at Dumez Road .
    The successful hosting of the first non-elective AGM held at Benin in December 2016 alongside the first LOSA Post AGM Honours Nite where distinguished Losalites and notable persons who supported us were honoured.
    The preparation of the amended LOSA Constitution and its submission for approval at the last AGM.
    Gave 22 Awards to students and staff ( Cash and Kind) during the 2016 graduation ceremony
    The participation in various events organised by the zones, our Alma matter, individual members etc.

As we proceed on this final lap of our journey as your elected representatives, all hands will be on deck in ensuring the following are delivered before the expiration of our tenure;

    The official launch and presentation of the much awaited LOSA PURPLE PAGES - this is meant to be a directory of all the business outfits being run by our members. The aim is to build synergies in promoting and patronising members businesses.
    The complete furnishing and equipping of the LOSA National Secretariat also known as the "AMBATANA HOUSE"
    The appointment of Patrons to effectively advise and exercise supervisory roles over what we do as an association.
    The integration of a payment gateway on our site to enable remote payment of dues from whatever location and the relaunch/repackaging of the losa website www.losa.org.ng.
    Securing an annual LIFE INSURANCE package for all financial members
    Permanent Id numbers will be issued to all financial members.

In as much as we remain committed to achieving the aforementioned items, we want to also use this medium to solicit your support through the prompt and timely payment of dues. This has been a clog in the wheel of progress and we will want to advice that you are only a bonafide member of this association if you are up-to-date with your dues payment for 2016 and 2017.
In line with the mandate given to the exco at the last AGM concerning the existing vacant exco positions, we are hereby announcing the appointment of the following colleagues of ours to serve as members of the exco in the respective capacities listed against their names. They are:

    Mr Caeser Ogbebor - Welfare Officer
    Mrs Joy Urhogide - Asistant Welfare Officer
    Mr Anthony Ipoga - PRO
    Mr Lewis Osi - Treasurer
    Itohan Iroro - Legal Adviser

In view of the present exigencies, your oath taking forms will be transmitted to you electronically for execution and return meanwhile you can begin to function officially in your respective capacities by reason of this pronouncement.
To further complete our task of preparing a solid foundation for this noble association of ours, a committee is hereby inaugurated with the sole responsibility of developing a 5 year strategic developmental plan for LOSA. The composition of the committee will comprise representatives of all organs of the association alongside particular sets who we feel will play a very vital role in driving the core mandate of the committee. The members of the LOSA 5 year strategic developmental Plan Committee are:

    Ogaga Igbogidi - Chairman
    Braimoh Ernest - Secretary
    Isioma Adigwe - Member
    Chibuzor Okpala - Member
    Anthony Ipoga - Member
    Efe Aisien - Member
    Sunny Otaru - Member
    Ibhade Omobai - Member
    Jubril Asemota - Member

We are by this notice officially inaugurating this committee and they are expected to submit their report at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting for it to be deliberated upon and subsequently adopted as a working document/developmental road map for the association.
It is worthy of mention for us all to know that the next AGM is an elective AGM therefore the pre-requisite to your being able to vote and be voted for is the payment of your dues. There will be a cut-off date whereby all those who are not up to date with their due payment will as at that date not be eligible to participate in the electoral process. Let us all be guided accordingly.
To set in motion the process for the forthcoming elections, we have consulted widely and in line with the mandate given us at the last AGM, we want to also formally announce the composition of the Independent Lydia Schools Old Students Association Electoral Committee (ILEC). They are:

    Iyobosa Agho - Chairman
    Darlington Igabali - Secretary
    Lulu Atuluku - Member

Based on the powers conferred on me as the president ,I hereby inaugurate ILEC with the sole mandate of conducting a free, fair and transparent election for the next
set of executive council members for this noble association of ours. As an exco we say congratulations to each and every one of you as you begin immediately the task set before you for the first transition from one executive to the other in our association.
In line also with our established standard of preparing properly and promptly for all Losa events, we want to announce the composition of the 2017 LOSA AGM Central Planning Committee. The members are:

    Uyi Omoregie - Chairman
    Braimoh Ernest - Secretary
    Bamidele Oni - Member
    Adebisi cole - Member
    Anthony Ipoga - Member
    Uyi Osayi - Member
    Oladele Badewole - Member
    Chris Efefaroro - Member
    Tai Sule - Member
    Joy Urhoghide - Member
    Odemi soluade - Member

Again based on the powers conferred on me as the President, Lydia Schools Old Students Association, I hereby inaugurate the above listed persons as members of the 2017 LOSA AGM Central Planning Committee. Your terms of reference will be as conveyed in your individual letters of appointment.

In conclusion we want to reiterate our complete loyalty to the ideals of LOSA as an association believing and trusting God that you all will participate fully in the activities of the association in the days, months and years ahead. Let us all join hands together in building the LOSA of our dreams.
We love you and wish you the best of our second year celebrations as we welcome you into our third year of existence.
Succeed We Must……….

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