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Presidential Address by the Pioneer President – LOSA

Prince Ochuko Ojohwomu on the occasion of his 100days in office and the LOSA Benin Town Hall meeting held on Monday, March 28, 2016.

Chairman of the board of trustees

Members of the board of trustees

My most trusted members of the pioneering executive council

Distinguished Losalites



LOSA ………. 






Succeed We Must.



It is with the deepest sense of gratitude to the almighty and a high sense of responsibility cum humility that I welcome all of you on behalf of the entire members of the pioneering losa executive council to the ancient city of Benin referred to as the heart-beat of the nation with its rich cultural heritage. As the  official home of LOSA, it is also home coming to us all therefore let us all celebrate ourselves  because this is   where our foundation was laid. 



While saying thank you for the confidence reposed in me and the members of the executive council, we want to say thank you to every losa member resident in the city of Benin and its environs for honouring us with your presence.


As it is usual with gatherings of this nature, we will start by returning all honour and glory to God almighty for the privilege accorded us by his grace to gather and deliberate on the things that will unite us further together and build a solid bond of friendship amongst us all.


Today’s Town Hall meeting which I will prefer to refer to it as LOSA HOME-COMING is unique in the sense that it is exactly 100 days since our inauguration as the pioneering executive council members of this great and noble association.


Looking back at the past 100 days being on the saddle brings to mind memories of the campaign, the high and low notes of the process that saw to our emergence coupled with the promises and commitments we made before you all in the city of Benin. The journey as is usual with every human endeavour has had its own share of ups and downs however one thing that has remained very evident and glaring is the level of TOGETHERNESS we have been able to foster in the past 100 days.


As we consolidate on the gains so far established efforts will be geared in the days ahead towards unfolding legacy projects and programmes that will build on the ideals of all of us. All hands are already on deck towards sourcing for representatives of all the graduated sets in Lydia Schools to serve as set mobilisers. When they are eventually announced, this is a clarion call for all and sundry to accord them the support and encouragement required.


After learning the ropes in the past 100 days, permit me at this juncture to announce the composition of various committees who will serve as support to the exco in actualising the mandate you all bestowed on us. The committees and members are as follows;




 Jerry Okonedo                      -        Chairman          

 Braimoh Ernerst                   -        Secretary

 Itohan Iroro                           -        Member

          Christopher Efefaroro           -        Member

          Charles Aigbona                   -        Member    




Odagwe Emmanuel Blondi  -        Chairman

Chukwudumebi Okafor          -       Secretary

Osaruense Osawe                -        Member

Uyi Gerald Omoregie            -        Member

Mr Olisa Obiosa                    -        Member





Victor Ejiofo                                     -        Chairman

         Tope Isede                                      -        Secretary

         Osayuki Idehen                               -        Member

         Kingsley Omon-Edo                       -        Member

         Uwuoruya Ebenezer Osasere       -        Member    




Urhoghide Osaruyi                -        Chairman

Bamidele  Oni                        -        Secretary

Etinosa Odiase                      -        Member

Peter  Omoroguiwa               -        Member

Vincent Otiode                       -        Member




Chibuzor  Okpala                  -        Chairman

          Iyore  Ighodaro                      -        Secretary

          Agho Iyobosa                        -         Member   

          Eseosa Okeaya-Inneh          -         Member   

          Edirin bola ighogboja            -        Member

          Amadin Asabor                     -         Member

          Isioma Igho Stephanie          -         Member


By the powers conferred on me as the president of this noble association, I hereby formally inaugurate this committees with effect from today with the terms of reference as contained in their individual letters of appointment.


To all who made the list accept my congratulations on behalf of the executive council members.


In conceptualising the TOWN HALL MEETINGS, the intent of the exco is to use it as a unity platform in cities where you have at least 25 LOSA members residing. This is in line with our cardinal objective of being #GREATERTOGETHER.

Benin which is the home of LOSA and the root of #GREATERTOGETHER has been chosen as the second point of berthing and as a place to commemorate the 100 days in office of the pioneering executive council because of its significance. There can not be LOSA without Benin so Benin Losalites we hail ooh.


We will therefore enjoin all of us present here to see this as an opportunity to offer or contribute our individual quota to the growth of LOSA as an entity, to our alma matter and to ourselves as individuals because we are convinced that synergies, strategic partnerships and alliances will be part of the fall out of this meeting.     


At this juncture, let me intimate members here present to kindly visit our website www.losa.org.ng to be sure you are fully registered so as to enjoy every benefit of membership due you. You are not a bonafide losalite until you are fully registered on the website.


Our chat platform on whatsapp has been very robust for those currently on it however recent developments have necessitated the need for us to regulate our conduct within the chat forum. we have been able to establish a set of rules and regulations that  guide our conduct on the chat forum with attendant consequences for disobedience. It is no way meant to scare us off but rather to make it very habitable in there.


We also seem to have a number of facebook accounts and pages all purportedly being operated by LOSA. Today we make it clear that the only pages officially recognised are the ones the exco members manage as the administrators therefore we make a passionate appeal to all those running various facebook accounts/pages, twitter handles etc to as a matter of urgency close down such fortwith else we will be left with no other option than to merge all pages and accounts on facebook.


Today’s event is also expected to produce a framework for constitution of Benin zonal chapter. While it is your responsibility to decide whether to associate with each other or not, we as your representatives will also not force upon you the way and manner you want to do your business. Our responsibility is to guide so feel free to fashion out how best you want to operate as a people. The strategy/syndicate session will provide you with the opportunity of doing just this.


At this juncture based on the powers conferred on me as the president coupled with series of consultations embarked upon, I want to formally present and appoint Mr Ogaga Igbogidi  as the Presidential Liason Officer/Coordinator for LOSA Benin zone pending when all the processes for its formation and subsequent operation is completed. The responsibility of the presidential Liason officer/coordinator is to in conjuction with the national Exco see to the birthing of the zonal structure of LOSA. He will function until such a time when the structure is ripe for democratic election of officers to run the zone. To assist the Presidential Liason Officer/Coordinator, we are also appointing

1.    Mrs Joy Urhoghide

2.   Mr Uzo Idodo umeh

3.   Mr Vincent Otiode

to serve as members of the LOSA Benin Coordinating team. They are all to function as a transition committee.

In conclusion, I want to again say thank you to all of you for making sacrifices in respect of LOSA by honouring this invitation and most importantly to all that played one role or the other in making provisions for our comfort, our prayer is that the almighty will replenish your pockets.


Thank you and may God bless us all



Greater Together…


Succeed we must….


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